Be a Lifesaver

Last year, our Be a Lifesaver campaign helped 169 students overcome a sudden, unexpected financial crisis with much-needed emergency dollars. But many more students still need your help.

Give the gift of hope to a student;  please consider becoming a lifesaver.

This is your opportunity to change lives and build community. Your help positively impacts our students’ lives and influences their futures.

Many situations can contribute to sudden, stressful, unexpected financial crisis and put a student at risk of losing everything he or she has worked for.

Some financial hardships students are faced with include:

  • family death
  • homelessness
  • personal crisis
  • emergency vehicle repairs
  • fire loss of property or loss of home
  • emergency medical expenses.

How you can support students

Please sign up for our easy payroll deduction plan of give a lump sum:

For the same price as an evening at the movies, you could help students achieve their dreams. $25 per pay can support a student for the whole year. Consider donating by payroll deduction. You can also help students by making a one-time gift.  Contact to sign up for payroll deduction or give a one-time gift online (Select other designation and specify “Lifesaver Fund”).

Your gift can be directed to the UFV Student Emergency Fund or Faculty and Staff Bursary.

UFV Student Emergency Fund: provides financial support to students experiencing serious economic difficulties due to sudden and unexpected situations.

Faculty and Staff Bursary: supports students in financial need.

Other ways to support students

Purchase a limited edition notebook or a UFV hoodie from the UFV bookstore and show off your support. UFV Bookstore supports students through these items and the World Book textbook exchange.

“I am determined to provide a safe home environment for my children, to be a positive role model by furthering my education despite adversity, and to beat the odds of teenage parents and former youth in care both personally and by assisting youth who are currently facing their own struggles.
I was fortunate enough to receive the UFV Staff and Faculty Annual Bursary not once, but twice. I wish I was able to accurately express just how grateful I am to be eligible to receive any assistance that enables me to continue with my education and provide my children with a sense of normalcy. Winning these awards truly made a positive impact in our lives and we thank you for your generosity.”

— Randi, UFV student and future social worker

“The lifesaver campaign provides a way for me to help support students who find themselves with an unexpected financial need. I believe contributing to the fund is a way to assist these students at a critical time and in a significant way. The assistance provides vital support to student learning and success. With their financial needs handled, these students are able to pursue their university education and to focus on their future goals.”

— Jill Smith, UFV employee and alumna