Making a difference

The impact of giving to the University of the Fraser Valley

  • March 6, 2024

Since its inception, University of the Fraser Valley UFV has fostered a culture of learning and growth, and has done so with the generous support of individuals, families, and local businesses who believe in the transformative power of education. From annual awards to legacy gifts, each donation leaves a lasting impact, shaping the future of both students and the broader community.

Two Types of Funds Recognize Different Student Needs

UFV manages a portfolio of two different kinds of funds that support students: awards and bursaries.

Scholarships and Leadership Awards: Recognizing Excellence

Scholarships and leadership awards are presented to students who demonstrate academic achievement, community involvement, leadership skills, or a combination of these important assets and achievements. By providing financial support through annual awards, donors help UFV recognize and reward students for their hard work and dedication.

“April and I are excited to introduce the Bakker and Kaayk Annual Leadership Award, driven by our passion to inspire women to collaborate and take charge of their career or education paths if they’re feeling unfulfilled. Coming from backgrounds in healthcare, we both made the leap to the real estate industry, charting new courses from our original academic pursuits. This journey inspired us to find ways to uplift others who may be navigating similar paths and since April and I are both University of The Fraser Valley alumni we thought that creating this award is one of the ways we can do that.” – April Kaayk and Heather Bakker, UFV Alumni and UFV Donors

Bursaries: Overcoming Financial Barriers

Bursaries are financial awards that help students overcome financial barriers to education. These awards can cover a range of expenses, including tuition, books, and living costs. By providing bursaries, donors enable students to focus on their studies and pursue their academic and career goals without the burden of financial stress. Bursaries can be set up as either annual awards or as endowments.

Gary and Linda Poignant established an endowment in memory of his parents, Ernie and Rose Poignant. “They loved giving back and loved the creative side of life. Ernie was a renowned cartoonist and sketch artist, publishing three cartoon books after the age of 75 and with all proceeds going to charity. Rose, his wife of 67 years, was his biggest fan and, as he said, ‘my critic, my inspiration, and my best friend.’” Through this memorial endowment bursary, the Poignant family wants to foster aspiring artists at UFV.

Three Ways to Contribute to Funds that Support Students

UFV provides donors with three options for contributing to awards and bursaries: yearly gifts, endowments, and legacy gifts.

Yearly Contributions

Individuals and businesses can support UFV students by setting up an award that is funded by yearly contributions by that individual or business.

The Manning Elliott Annual Scholarship in Accounting was created to support of 3rd and 4th year Business of Administration program students in their studies. Ryan Deremo, Manager of the Abbotsford branch, has expressed that having the option to meet with the award recipient is an excellent opportunity to discuss career goals and their academic journey.

Endowments: Nurturing Student Success

Endowments are long-term investments in UFV’s future often made to support students, specific programs, or initiatives at UFV. They may be funded from a combination of cash donations, securities/stocks, or other assets, and generate income that is used to fund scholarships, bursaries, and other student-focused initiatives. Endowments provide a stable and sustainable source of support, ensuring they have the financial resources they need to succeed academically and personally.

“Students are our future. For students to have a bright future they need access to good education. My family believes in education, which is why we like to help students by donating and creating these endowments to support students to achieve their dreams.” Dr. Malwinder Dhami and family, UFV Donor

Legacy Gifts: A Lasting Impact

Legacy gifts provide an opportunity for individuals or families to leave a lasting impact on University of the Fraser Valley and its students. These gifts, often made through wills or trusts,  support UFV in various ways, including established scholarships, funding for research programs, or contributions to campus development projects. Flexibility allows donors to make  meaningful contributions to UFV in a manner that resonates with their values and beliefs, one that will positively influence the lives of students for generations to come.

“The first endowment that I have given to the University of the Fraser Valley is a scholarship for Indigenous students entering the Teacher Education program, and the second is a scholarship for students pursuing Graduate Studies in either social justice or sustainability. It is my privilege and my pleasure to be doing this.” Barbara Moon, UFV Professor Emeritus and UFV Donor

The Impact on Students and Community

The impact of philanthropy at UFV extends beyond the student body and into the broader community. By providing financial support to students, donors are investing in the future workforce, equipping individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in their chosen fields. Additionally, the university’s commitment to excellence in teaching, research, and community engagement has a ripple effect, with graduates going on to make significant contributions in their respective fields and communities.

“Our commitment to supporting changemakers in the areas of social justice, environmental sustainability, and peacebuilding is a collaborative pursuit, connecting with students who share our values. The creation of our awards stems from our desire to empower students who are actively shaping the world, and we derive immense joy from hearing about the innovative ways these students are engaging with the world.” – Tracey and Greg McKone, UFV Employee and UFV Donors


The act of giving to UFV—whether through legacy gifts, endowments, annual awards, or bursaries—has a profound impact on both students and the wider community. These gifts not only provide financial support to students but also help ensure the continued success and growth of UFV for future generations. Together, we are engaging learners, transforming lives, and building community.