A Lasting Legacy

You can play an important role in the future of our community. Consider making a charitable gift as part of your estate plan to help the next generation of UFV students.


Benefits of making a gift in will:

  • Make a gift without impacting your current finances; and
  • Create tax benefits for the other beneficiaries of your estate.

Types of gifts in will:

  • Gift of Residue: Give a percentage of the residue (total assets less taxes, debts & cash bequests) of your estate; and
  • Specific Bequest: Set aside a certain dollar amount or a specific piece of property such as an investment account or a particular stock.

What to do next
As part of making your will, or revising an existing will, you will likely meet with a lawyer or a notary public. In order to leave a charitable gift through your will, it is important that you include the full legal name of the charity.

Our Legal Name: University of the Fraser Valley
Our Charitable Registration Number: 107403701RR0001

The paragraphs below provide sample language which may be helpful to you and your lawyer as you make or revise your will.

Residual Bequest for UFV:

I give to the University of the Fraser Valley _____% of the residue of my estate to be used for ______________________.
Bequest of a specific amount for the University of the Fraser Valley:
I give to the University of the Fraser Valley the sum of $______ from my estate to be used for ________________________.


Life Insurance

Please contact your life insurance provider and contact us at giving@ufv.ca. Working together, we will arrange a beneficiary designation. You may already own a life insurance policy which you could designate or you may wish to purchase a new policy. Purchase of a new policy may require health screening to determine your insurability.

Our Legal Name: University of the Fraser Valley
Our Charitable Registration Number: 107403701RR0001

We will issue a charitable tax receipt to your estate when we receive payment from the insurance company.


Benefits of setting up a trust:

  • You are entitled to a donation receipt that can be used to reduce your taxes
  • You retain the income generated by the property
  • You are free from investment decisions
  • Probate and other estate costs can be avoided
  • As the assets pass outside of the estate, they are not normally subject to challenge

Contact us at giving@ufv.ca for more information

Consider making UFV a part of your future plans and ensure a legacy that lasts forever. We can help make the process simple and meaningful. Planned giving allows you the time to incorporate the university into your estate affairs at your convenience.

Planned giving can take the following forms: as a bequest in a will, by naming UFV in an annuity, a life insurance policy, or other similar financial product, or by identifying UFV as a recipient of a trust. By including UFV in a bequest, you guarantee that the funds set aside for the university are designated according to your preferences and are a part of your estate.