UFV Programs

Our programs in criminal justice garner national and international attention. The faculty are among the best anywhere and students come from far and wide to study under their tutelage.

Our arts and science programs provide our students with solid knowledge of fundamental theories and concepts in areas such as communication, language, design, history, biology, chemistry, statistics and psychology.

Within the Faculty of Health Sciences, issues regarding our health (particularly as the population ages) and social issues are high on the public agenda. This faculty graduates professionals who deliver critical services in our community, including nursing and dental care.

In remaining true to our roots, we continue to proudly offer trades and technologyprograms, including welding, electrical, plumbing, auto collision repair and drafting.

Our agriculture programs have horticulture and livestock production options and allow students to ladder their diploma into a Bachelor of Business Administration for Agriculture Management degree at UFV.

Our School of Business prepares students for the real world through enriched learning experiences and courses taught by instructors with industry experience. Furthermore, extensive co-operative education options integrate academic study with on-the-job training.

Continuing Studies offers certificate programs, part-time and full-time vocational or upgrading courses, business development and training programs as well as contract-training services. Open to the general public, many of our continuing studies courses have been a means of initiating a university education.