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UFV students need your help

Every dollar you give is an investment in the future of a student who may not be able to complete their education without your help.

Faculty and Staff donations have helped 814 students in need to overcome a sudden, unexpected financial crisis’ with much-needed emergency dollars. Your gift can save students at risk of dropping out due to financial pressures. Give the gift of a future by becoming a Lifesaver today.


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Students like Kiya and Courtney need your help

Kiya was seriously injured when she was hit by a vehicle while training for a track event. She woke up from a coma four days later with a shattered pelvis. A brain injury still affects her to today, 8 years later.

She wasn’t sure she’d be able to go to university but was determined to try. With the help of supportive UFV staff and faculty and the financial assistance provided by donors, the finish line is now in sight. Kiya will be graduating with her Bachelor of Kinesiology next semester.

“Thank you to all of you who have generously donated to UFV. I’m excited for my future and I know that I wouldn’t be where I am today without your support. I want to use my story and my education to dedicate my life to helping others who have gone through trauma.”

We also heard from Courtney Boisvert about her experience when she was a struggling student.

“In Fall 2008 I was working towards my Bachelors of Computer Information Systems and was commuting to and from UFV. At the beginning of the semester my car broke down, I discovered I needed new tires and then my computer died, which as a CIS student meant I couldn’t do my homework anywhere but on the campus I was trying to commute to. I worked two jobs and was a full time student. I found myself in a position where I was not going to be able to afford to continue going to school. I called the Financial Aid Office and was informed of a Student Emergency fund that could maybe help me out. I applied for the funds and was approved. They made it possible for me to stay in university.

10 years later, I am a UFV alumna and an employee. I have chosen to give back by becoming a Lifesaver donor and helping other students who might find themselves in a difficult spot like I was.”

Each year, there are more and more students at UFV who need help. Kyle Baille, Director of Student Life and Development, works with students in need and sees the difference bursaries make on a daily basis.

“Awards become integral to student success. Many students are facing barriers; there are some who are managing multiple jobs, who are managing family responsibilities, who are responsible for their households.”, he says “Awards give students the opportunity to get involved and take on experiential learning opportunities like Co-op, when otherwise they wouldn’t be able to because their time and resources are so precious.”

Your gift to a bursary or scholarship goes a long way in setting up a student for future success. In some instances, you are saving a student’s academic career as they could risk losing everything they have worked so hard for because of financial hardship.  When you help a student, you are making an impact and investing in the future.

At UFV, there are many caring employees like Kyle who echo his sentiment:
“There is no better day than when you see a student walk across the graduation stage with a parchment in hand. That’s why we are here — to help students succeed.”

Join your colleagues and help a student today.


Give now


How can you help?

  1. Sign up for payroll deduction
    Every donation makes a difference for students in need. You can give the gift of a future for the same price as an evening at the movies. $25 per pay period will help support a student for a whole year.
  2. Make a gift at any time
    You can donate any amount, anytime throughout the year. Encourage your co-workers to join you and make a gift from your department to a student in need. You can contribute online or in person.
  3. Donate a dollar every time you shop
    Every little bit counts. You help students stay in school with each dollar you donate.  Support students with a contribution at the point of purchase in UFV bookstores.

Choose how you help

Online and in person donations can be directed to the fund of your choice. Every dollar you give goes directly to helping students succeed.

Be a lifesaver by donating to the Student Emergency Fund, The Faculty and Staff Bursary, and/or the UFV Retirees’ Annual Bursary.

The Student Emergency Fund provides emergency funding for students experiencing serious economic difficulties due to sudden or unexpected situations including:

  • Personal crisis
  • Homelessness
  • Emergency medical expenses

The Faculty and Staff Bursary and the UFV Retirees’ Annual Bursary allow students who need funding to continue their education.

Help a student today

Visit the Advancement office (Room B230, Abbotsford campus) to make a donation in person or to sign up for payroll deduction, or make a donation online.

Thank you for considering making a gift. If you have any questions, we are here to help.

Contact us: | 604-847-5447