Abbotsford Disaster Relief Fund

Teaming up to help our community and businesses recover

With homes, businesses, and infrastructure underwater, the City of Abbotsford is under a state of emergency. Thousands of people have been displaced and their businesses and livelihoods disrupted.

The University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) has partnered with the Abbotsford Community Foundation (ACF) and the Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce (ACOC) to establish the Abbotsford Disaster Relief Fund, which will support front-line agencies providing essential services to affected families and businesses.

Your support is needed. Help us raise the funds needed to get our community back on its feet.

How you can help

Abbotsford has a history of coming together as a community to support each other during challenging times. The effects of this disaster will be long term and funding will be needed for weeks and months to come.

Today, we all need to come together more than ever to support families and businesses who have been affected by these unprecedented events. Please give, and encourage others to give, so that our community can rebuild.

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Coming together to help our community

University of the Fraser Valley (UFV), Abbotsford Community Foundation (ACF), and the Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce (ACOC) are all about supporting the people who call Abbotsford home during the best of times and during the worst of times. Read more about our new partnership.


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