Alvin Prasad Memorial Leadership Award

Alvin PrasadAlvin Prasad left us too soon. A 3rd year Business Administration student, he had his whole life and world ahead of him.  In his short time at UFV, Alvin made a point of getting involved in many aspects of student life. He volunteered with on-campus clubs and joined work-study opportunities. His hope was to enrich the UFV community by working towards a common good.

His co-op placement with the Canada Border Services Agency gave him the chance to apply his schooling in a real-world environment and understand issues of security and safety. His time as a volunteer with Special Olympics BC gave him a unique perspective seen by few others and no doubt helped him understand the need to champion a worthy cause.

Where Alvin really shone at UFV was as a volunteer Student Ambassador. Alvin was responsible for communicating to prospective students one-on-one and in groups as a UFV representative at trade shows and as a Campus Tour leader. Using his ability to relate to students, he maintained an informative and welcoming presence in assisting people with making their post-secondary, and ultimately, future life decisions.

Alvin brought a positive attitude, enthusiasm, and eagerness to any endeavour. Those traits together with his acquired skills and business knowledge made him a strong participant and representative. He was liked by all who knew him and left a positive impression wherever he went. We will miss Alvin and his unrealized potential.

Few students make a difference that is recognized by one’s peers and others around. Alvin managed to distinguish himself from the ebb and flow of daily student life by his deeds and willingness to get involved. In every sense of the word Alvin was a leader and an award in his memory should reflect that fact. The Alvin Prasad Memorial Leadership Award will help students achieve their goal of a UFV education while acknowledging their involvement in student life and rewarding their efforts to affect positive change in themselves and others as Alvin did.

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