Warren Davis Memorial Annual Scholarship in Visual Arts

Warren DavisWhen thinking of Warren Davis, words such as dedicated, unique and talented come to mind for UFV Visual Arts instructors. Known for his energy, dynamism, and high caliber artwork, Warren Davis will be greatly missed by all who knew him at UFV. Not only has Warren been recognized and awarded by the inclusion of his paintings into the UFV art collection in 2008-2009, Warren was also an accomplished writer, winning the UFV Lower Level Critical Analysis Writing Prize in 2005-2006. Warren’s accomplishments and contributions to UFV’s Visual Arts program will be fondly remembered. For this reason, UFV’s Visual Arts department has committed to establishing an award in Warren’s memory.

Christopher Friesen, UFV Visual Arts Instructor, remembers Warren with these words: “I had the privilege of having Warren in my painting classes on a number of occasions but one moment stands out for me. It was not the long discussions we had about the meaning and progression of his work. It was in his first class during his return to University after an absence. We had just finished an intense classroom painting session, he looked like he had just come from the gym, face red and sweaty, eyes lit up brilliantly; he was alive in that moment and he knew it, too.” This is the passion and enthusiasm that Warren’s scholarship will recognize in other Visual Arts students.

It is a fitting tribute to honour Warren by creating the Warren Davis Memorial Annual Scholarship in Visual Arts. UFV Visual Arts Instructor, Jill Bain, shares her reflections of Warren stating “his incredible love of learning, his insatiable curiosity, and his absolute dedication to, and belief in, the power of the visual arts, will always be remembered.”

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