Ryan Plecas Memorial Endowment Leadership Award

This gift was established to honour the memory of Ryan Matthew Plecas

Ryan Matthew Plecas was the oldest son of Darryl and Joanne Plecas, and brother to Sean. Following a devastating accident at the age of 17 that resulted in many life challenges for him, Ryan never lost hope for a positive future; he remained optimistic that any and all goals that he set, would be reached; he was loyal to his friends; and he kept his sense of humour.

Ryan’s greatest strengths were his belief in himself, his strong determination, and his will to succeed. Just weeks before he passed away, Ryan had achieved many of his goals, one of which was developing a business of his own. He was proud of what he had accomplished.

While Ryan did face tremendous adversity the last eleven years of his life, he never once looked back or wished that his life had been different… he just kept looking forward.